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Outdated, unsecured and neglected websites risk exposure to viruses, malware and hackers — not to mention a lot of keyboard banging on your end. Windsor Digital applies a team approach to your website, keeps it healthy and functioning the way you want it to, so you can get back to the work you want to do.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Security monitoring of all WordPress security events on your website. You'll know immediately of any suspicious activity with our 24/7 Security Monitoring system.

A powerful malware scanning feature prevents virus and the security hardening settings close the gaps on your WordPress installation making you a less desirable target.

WordPress Core and Plugin updates

An out-of-date WordPress website or Plugin is a hackers dream come true. There's no reason you should waste time worrying about keeping tabs on new WordPress or Plugin updates. We back up your database and source files and then update WordPress site and Plugins.

Data Migrations

Move WordPress to a new database, a new host or combine sites.

We can also host, set up your new WordPress website or troubleshoot your existing site.

Offsite Backups

Automatic backup irreplaceable files to the cloud. In the unlikely event your site is hacked, it's possible your backups stored on your server could be compromised.

We back up your WordPress installation monthly, weekly and even daily.

Content Updates & Fixes

Let us take care of any website updates with built-in support hours or additional discounted add-on hours.

If a few things on your website are just not working the way you'd like. We can help there too.


We are more than just maintenance providers or hosts. We know WordPress in and out.

Whether you need small changes made to your site, a total redesign or an advanced e-commerce site, we have the resources and experience to build what you need.

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