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Windsor Strava Club WordPress Plugin

Windsor Strava Club overlays your club’s last 200 rides on a Google Map. Options for club, map zoom and map center. Club member rides are marked on the map with their profile picture. Clicking the profile picture reveals a infowindow with the athletes name, ride name and link to the activity.

WordPress Plugin Repository URL:

Plugin Set Up

You must get a API Key (Access Token) from Strava by registering your application or nothing will work. This step is required by Strava. You can register your application here:

Application Name: Name it whatever you want.
Website: (Change “yourdomain” our for your actual domain 😉 )
Application Description: Whatever you want.
Authorized Callback Domain: (Change “yourdomain” our for your actual domain 😉 )

Save and find your Access Token. 


Copy you access token and paste in the Strava Api Input field. WP-Admin > Settings > Windsor Strava Club

Windsor Strava Club Plugin Shortcode

To render the map simply create a new post or page, click the “text” tab and paste the plugins short code in the tech editor:


Next, add your shortcode attributes. Supported options are:

clubid: Your clubs ID. Can be found at then end of the clubs url. Ex:
zoom: The zoom level of the map. 0-18
lat: Latitude of where you would like to center the map on load
lng: Longitude of where you would like to center the map

An example would look like this:

[windsor_strava_club clubid="132130" zoom="8" lat="39.7469" lng="-105.2108"]

More info on how to use short code attributes can be found in the WordPress Documentation.

The above shortcode will generate the following map:
[windsor_strava_club clubid=”132130″ zoom=”8″ lat=”39.7469″ lng=”-105.2108″]

Comments, Questions or Concerns?

This is the initial release however I would be interested in what features you would like added and or changes. Feel free to add a comment below or visit the WordPress Support Forums.

About the Author

Justin is Windsor Digital’s founder and Senior Developer. When not crafting clever code, he really likes mountain biking, skiing and eating street tacos. Especially tacos.

Follow Justin on Twitter or visit his personal site

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