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What exactly do I get with a WordPress Maintenance plan?

break it down for me in non-tech terms...

First, why do I need one?

Truth is, you don’t. You can liken our services to a seat-belt. You might be fine with out one on a quick trip to the corner store, commute to work or drive across the country. However, when you do need one, you’ll be glad that you have it.

Priority Support

We’re available. It’s exceedingly difficult to get a web developers time for small day-to-day or month-to-month tasks. The reason for this is generally less projects that are bigger in size are far more manageable and lucrative than more smaller projects.

Subscription based support is our answer to this. We answer most inquiries immediately and almost always within 24 hours. Most support issues are resolved within 24-48 hours. We use Zendesk to address your needs and track support requests so nothing is lost.

Reduced Rates

Depending on your WordPress maintenance plan, you may or may not have support hours included. Regardless, all customers get a 10% discount on our development/design/support rate when adding hours to their plan.

Offsite Backups

Offsite as in they are not stored on your server. Backups are generated and then sent to our servers. backups are important in the event something were to go wrong on your site during a plugin or theme upgrade, successful hack attempt, malware infection or you simply deleted something by accident.

In the event of a successful hack or malware infection, it’s imperative to have offsite backups as backups on your server could be compromised.

Plugin and Core Updates

We’ll keep your website up to date. Not doing so is also a security risk. Ever update something and it screws something up? Now you have to find someone to fix it. That someone is now us. If it’s quick and easy, usually just take care of it. If it’s larger, we’ll present you with options. Don’t forget we have backups that would can restore with a click of a button.

Security Monitoring & Hardening

We take as many steps possible to prevent you from ever needing your offsite backups. We love WordPress but there are some downfalls to its popularity! It’s open source, widely used and as a result, it’s a popular target for hackers. We change some default settings to make your installation a bit more obscure. We partner with Securi to provide security monitoring so we’ll be alerted of any suspicious activity on your site. In the rare event of a malware infection, we can clean that up as well.

Not Just Maintenance

We are experienced developers, writers and graphic designers. We can handle larger projects.

No Contracts

Cancel anytime. Stay as long as you want.

We listen

Do you have a suggestion? Drop us a line.

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Justin is Windsor Digital’s founder and Senior Developer. When not crafting clever code, he really likes mountain biking, skiing and eating street tacos. Especially tacos.

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